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Scancat-lite-plus Scanning Programming Software For Police Scanners From Radio Shack, Uniden, Gre, Home Patrol

Scanning Programming Software For Police4 Star Rating
Scanning Programming Software For Police Scancatliteplus Scanning Programming Software For Police Scanners From Radio Shack Uniden Gre Home Patrol Image 1Scancatliteplus Scanning Programming Software For Police Scanners From Radio Shack Uniden Gre Home Patrol Image 2
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The Scanning Programming is a superb scanner. Scanning Programming happens to be an instance of excellent police scanner you will get over the internet. For those who are wishing to purchase a scanner, you've come to the best place. Our company offers you special promotions with this great item with safe purchase. I really believe you will love that the scanner offers free on line access to frequency sources such as bearcat and radio reference. Are you currently thinking about buying a police scanner and you are simply looking for the best price for this item? Or you need to know the opinions of some other clients before you purchase this product? If so then you are in the right spot. Searching for Scanning Programming . To find the best offer on this scanner along with other scanners, click on the add to cart button.

Thinking to purchase a brand new Scanning Programming Software For Police. scancat-lite-plus scanning programming police scanners radio

Price: $29.95
Brand: Computer Aided Technologies
UPC: 804879339762


In the tradition of all Scancat products, all radios supported are obtainable in one software product. If you have over a single radio that is supported, you can use the identical databases from any of the radios (for the limits of their frequency coverage and attributes of course ). Just pick the radio from the radio selection list and"plug it in ". COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7/8 PC'S The program supports both programming the radio's memories and (if supported by the radio) downloading from the radio the frequency information already programmed. So you can download from 1 radio and send exactly the same frequency information to a second or third radio. This signifies in case you have any of the radios supported by Scancat-Lite PLUS, you only should buy the one software strategy.

Features List

  • Free On Line Video Tutorials (over 8 Videos)
  • Free On Line Access to Frequency sources such as Bearcat and Radio Reference
  • Programming Cable is not supplied. Must be Purchased from Manufacturer
  • Windows Computer programming software for Police Scanners
  • ALL police scanners are supported in our ONE single program!
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Type: Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows 7

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