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Radio Shack PRO-95 1000 Channel Dual-trunking Scanner Radio

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PRO95 1000 Channel Dualtrunking Scanner

The PRO-95 1000 Channel, in black - a great scanner from Radio Shack is a good scanner for the auto. The PRO-95 1000 Channel, in black is undoubtedly an example of top quality scanner you can find on the net. For everybody who is looking to acquire this item, you've come to the ideal place. We supply you unique promotions with this fantastic scanner with secure financial transaction. UPC Number 040293166847. The color for these police scanners is black. I certainly loved that the item had weather alert automatically sounds the alarm tone to advise of hazardous weather conditions. To assure your purchase goes well and everybody comes out satisfied, I'll supply you with a few recommendations before you purchase this emergency scanner. To make sure you are not dissatisfied after purchasing it also in accordance with the item you need. Additionally, there are price comparisons from suppliers we found, to ensure you truly get the best value currently for this amazing scanner. Great deal on PRO-95 1000 Channel, in black .

Radio Shack

Model: pro 95
UPS: 040293166847
Color: black
Package Quantity: 1

The Pro 95 is really a PC programmable dual trunking handheld scanner designed by GRE. It will follow Motorola sort I and II systems, too as EDACS trunked radio systems. The Pro 95 is capable of storing 1000 conventional channels, that are arranged in ten banks of 1 hundred. It features the capability to track both conventional and trunked radio systems in precisely the same time.


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