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Icom IC-R6 Handheld Wideband Radio Scanner

IC-R6 Handheld Wideband Radio Scanner5 Star Rating
ICR6 Handheld Wideband Radio Scanner
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Frequently you will get more affordable prices by buying over the internet than you will in actual shops. The IC-R6 Handheld Wideband is a good scanner for the vehicle. I in fact loved that the scanner has the feature of 1300 memory channels with 22 memory banks. Additional features include things like 15 hours of operation (in normal usage) and voice squelch control. Save on the ic-r6 handheld wideband radio scanner .

Exactly what warranty will the IC-R6 Handheld Wideband Radio Scanner have? icom handheld wideband radio scanner receives

Price: $205.00
Brand: Icom
UPC: 723175115484


The IC-R6 receives ultra wideband frequency range (100 k Hz - 1309. Run the IC-R6 employing the AC adapter, BC-196S, or opt for a cigarette lighter cable, CP-18. The IC-R6 has a high speed scan, permitting 100 channels per second to grow to be scanned when in VFO mode. It is a handy feature for those listeners who are scanning for talk, news and music, but not data bursts or beacons. Multiple Power Choices The IC-R6 can be powered by rechargeable Ni-MH cells, or with alkaline batteries. The precise frequency range with the radio is dependent upon geographical version, as some countries have differing needs. When utilised the optional drop-in charger stand BC-194 with the AC adapter or cigarette lighter cable, you can effortlessly start charging the Ni-MH cells, while eliminating the need to connect the power source to the DC power jack from the receiver. The R6 receiver characteristics make it much less susceptible to interference. (At 50 m W output using external speaker) With 1300 alphanumeric memory channels, 50 scan edges, and 200 auto-write memories, the IC-R6 gives you flexible scanning. This superior scanning power makes it possible for the utmost efficiency when searching the wideband spectrum of more than 1300 MHz. Amateur stations, AM, FM, brief wave broadcasts, analog Television audio, and numerous diverse utility communications could be received. Use the bank link scan feature to choose from and connect any in the 22 memory banks. The VSC opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores unmodulated noise. 995 MHz) and superior audio quality. With the supplied rechargeable Ni-MH cells (1400m Ah × 2) , the IC-R6 provides up to 15 hours of continuous receive capability beneath normal operating conditions. The IC-R6 is developed to offer many hours of listening enjoyment on a single charge.

Features List

  • High Speed Scan - 100 Channels Per Second
  • Voice Squelch Control
  • 15 Hours of Operation (in normal usage)
  • 100 k Hz - 1309. 995 MHz* Wideband Coverage
  • 1300 Memory Channels with 22 Memory Banks

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