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Consumer Electronic Products PRO-197 Radio Scanner Radioshack Supply Store

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Consumer Electronic Products PRO197

Do you wish to acquire an emergency scanner? Consider the Consumer Electronic , a great product by Office4u. I really loved that the scanner had the feature of 3 function buttons under the display can change the purpose, on screen text help is available. Other highlights include store up to 1,800 frequencies and trunks all 3 popular system types. The EAN-13 code for this is 7123290489348. Online deals for Consumer Electronic . We would like you to get the best price and service when purchasing a scanner.


Model: P-10-26362

This base/mobile police scanner is bursting with great features (facts beneath ). Great size and design for home or vehicle. Order the scanner alone or construct your own package with discounted accessories and Home Town Programming. Superior digital voice decoding capabilities.


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