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Uniden BC-248CLT 50-CHANNEL 10-BAND Scanner With Am/fm Radio And Alarm Clock

BC-248CLT 50-CHANNEL 10-BAND Scanner5 Star Rating
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Choosing The BC-248CLT 50-CHANNEL On The Internet

The BC-248CLT 50-CHANNEL is a great product in case you are looking to buy the latest scanner for the mobile users! Among the key features is the 50-channel scanner, am/fm radio, and clock/alarm. Other highlights consist of memory backup in case of power outage and scans up to 12 channels per second. It has a weight of 3 lbs. Choosing the BC-248CLT 50-CHANNEL , add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

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Price: $249.99
Brand: Uniden
UPC: 050633650080


The BC-248CLT is a 50-channel, 10-band scanner from Uniden that also features an AM/FM radio and alarm clock. With 50 memory channels, you can easily strategy and locate your favorite frequencies, while the scan button automatically searches each programmed frequency, for activity at a rate of 12 channels per second. You can listen in on a variety of communications, for example police and fire departments, NOAA weather broadcasts, aircraft, auto racing, marine and amateur (ham radio) , and far more.

You can listen by way of the audio speaker on the scanner or hook up speakers for the external speaker jack for improved fidelity. The LCD shows the time, channel, frequency, and other scanner functions, while volume and squelch controls let you adjust loudness and signal strength thresholds to your liking. The memory backup feature stores channel information in a non-volatile memory, retaining scanner settings in the event of a power failure.

The BC-248CLT acts as an AM/FM radio, with as much as 10 AM and 10 FM station (note: stations need to be programmed to be available ). The BC-248CLT connects to a typical 120 V AC outlet and comes backed with a one-year warranty. The built-in alarm clock comes with tone alarm and radio alarm settings, and features a snooze function too as a visual alarm display showing the status (on/off) and alarm time.

Features List

  • External speaker jack, 20 AM/FM radio presets
  • 1-touch weather
  • Scans up to 12 channels per second
  • Memory backup in case of power outage
  • 50-channel scanner, AM/FM radio, and clock/alarm
  • Pack: 1
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 4" Length: 9" Width: 9"
  • Package Weight: 3 lbs.

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