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Cobra 29 Lx 40-CHANNEL Cb Radio With Instant Access 10 Noaa Weather Stations And Selectable 4 Color Display

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29 Lx 40CHANNEL Cb Radio With Instant

Frequently you'll get lower prices by ordering over the internet than you would in actual shops. The black, 29 Lx 40-CHANNEL Cb is a great product for your auto. The black, 29 Lx 40-CHANNEL Cb is undoubtedly an instance of good quality scanner you can buy over the internet. If you are wishing to purchase this multi band scanner, you've come to the right place. Our company offers you exclusive bargains with this fantastic police scanner with protected financial transaction. The UPC barcode for this product is 777786216931. These emergency scanners is available in black. Among the list of key features for this scanner is the instant access and automatic scanning of 10 noaa weather channels, alerts you to severe weather conditions in your area. The scanner is 2.25" Height x 7.25" Length x 9.25" Width and it weighs about 4 lbs. To make certain that your purchase goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll give you a few recommendations prior to purchasing this scanner. So you will not be frustrated after buying it also in accordance with the product you require. There's also cost comparisons from retailers which I found, to make sure you actually get the very best price at the moment with this scanner. Purchasing a black, 29 Lx 40-CHANNEL Cb . For additional details on this multi band scanner, click on the market button.


Model: 29 LX
UPS: 777786216931
Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

The Cobra 29 LX radio capabilities a completely new design unlike anything presently available from Cobra. It has a lengthy list of impressive features, probably the most noticeable being the stunning, multi-color digital display. When it's a function packed CB radio with an impressive design and stunning display you want, the Cobra 29 LX could be the choice for you. 10 NOAA Weather channels with automatic scanning and alerts keep you informed of current conditions and any severe weather situations that exist. New for the Cobra 29 line, channel scanning lets you actively scan all 40 frequencies for activity. Nothing comes close to a Cobra. Other features incorporate a PA (Public Address) mode, antenna warning indicator, delta tune, RF gain, speak back, channel memory, dynamite, instant channel 9/19 and much more. In addition to the new display, the Cobra 29 LX includes a host of impressive functions. Covering the majority with each and every of the radio's face, the display gives particulars on the existing channel, transmission and reception strength, SWR levels and all other major CB operations. The Radio Check Diagnostic function provides information on RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage. The display can be easily seen at night, and might be set to a single of four customizable colors; red, green, blue and amber.

The 29 LX features a modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue, or amber to complement the interior of any cab. In addition, Cobra's latest CB Radio features a new clock/timer that enables drivers to track their on-time driving hours. The driver clock/timer also functions as an alarm clock. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very vibrant and extremely dark conditions.

This model is depending on the 29 LTD Classic platform, with added features: The new weather receiver with scan automatically advances towards the subsequent clear channel when driving cross-country ensuring the driver is usually getting the most recent weather alerts and warnings. Now users can monitor the radio's RF output, SWR setting, and automobile battery voltage. Also new is the industry's very first and only Radio Check Diagnostic.

Choose from 4 easy-to-read display colors for viewing operating channel frequency and also other data: red, blue, green and amber. 10 NOAA Climate Channels With Emergency Alert Match your cab or just your preference with ease. You can also adjust the brightness of the front panel for day and night driving.

The 29 LX provides instant access to 10 National Climate Channels, 24 hours a day, in all 50 states. The unit may also automatically scan for the nearest/strongest weather alert signal. The Emergency Weather Alert feature lets you know you if threatening weather is nearby with an alert tone even when CB is turned off. Talk Back

Allows testing of important radio functions such as RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage--get your house in order before heading out. SWR Calibration makes it possible for calibration of antenna system for maximum performance. Memory Channel With Scan Feature Antenna must be bought separately.

The adjustable Dynamike function boosts your microphone for increased voice clarity, and Delta Tune clarifies incoming signals. You may also adjust RF obtain in weak or powerful signal regions to optimize. PA Capability

You can use this this CB radio as a Public Address System with PA speaker. Receive signals may also be monitored via PA. 4 Watts AM RF Power Output


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